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Writing the Mockito reference card I had an opportunity to take a closer look at the less popular, but very useful features of Mockito. Some of them were too advance or too rare in use to be described in a refcard which should be kept short. One of those things is SmartNull. Currently non void methods return “safe empty value” appropriate for known types (e.g.: 0, false, empty collection) or null in other cases. SmartNull to can be returned instead of pure null to receive a much more descriptive error message on NPE.

Instead of just a line when NullPointerException occurred:

we have also got descriptive information what method was not stubbed:

A particular mock can be instructed to return SmartNull instead of the null value:


SmartNull will be probably the default bahavior in Mockito 2.0, but for the backward compatibility in 1.9.x it is necessary to tell every…

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