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In a earlier write up we saw how we can setup basic spring security. In this one we will see how to make a custom UserDetailsService instead of using the credentials in the configuration file. We will use MongoDB as a datasource.

We will use the project from the Spring Security project we created earlier and add the MongoDB config details and user service to provide the capability. See my previous blog for setting up MongoDB Spring Data.

Add the following to the mongo-config.xml file in the location WEB-INF/mongo/

Add the Spring Data dependencies in the pom.xml file

Add the mongo-config.xml file to the contextConfigLocation on web.xml. The context param will look like this

We will now create a CustomUserDetailsService class that implements UserDetailsService. We will add the implementation of loadUserByUsername method. The CustomUserDetailsService is as follows. The getUserDetail method queries to get the user object from MongoDB (it is…

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