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Having fun with Play framework!

by @mgonto, original article can be found here

Hey everyone! First of all, if you want to read the original article please go to this link

FactoryPal is a scala framework that lets you create objects as test data. All you have to do is define the templates for each of the classes that you want FactoryPal to create objects from. After that, FactoryPal takes care of the rest.

Have you ever heard of factory_girl a super cool Ruby framework? Well, FactoryPal is factory_girl for Scala. It is pretty similar in its use. The difference is that FactoryPal is 100% type safe, which all of us Scala people love.

Here is a link to Github for the anxious

How do we use this?

FactoryPal is a singleton object where you can register all of the templates. For example, you can define a template as follows:

 FactoryPal.register[Person] { person…

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