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A short blog about a topic I was discussing last week with a customer: testing SOAP Web Services. If you follow my blog you would know by now that I’m not a fan of unit testing in MOCK environments. Not because I don’t like it or I have religious believes that don’t allow me to use JUnit and Mockito. It’s just because with the work I do (mostly Java EE using application servers) my code runs in a managed environment (i.e. containers) and when I start mocking all the container’s services, it becomes cumbersome and useless. Few months ago I wrote a post about integration testing with Arquillian. But you don’t always need Arquillian to test inside a container because today, most of the containers are light and run in-memory. Think of an in-memory database. An in-memory web container. An in-memory EJB container.

So first, let’s write a…

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