Shekhar Gulati

One of the features that you will not find in most Platform as a Service solutions is writing to file system. Writing to file system is very important as you need it in case you want to write user uploaded content to file system, or write lucene index or read some configuration file from a directory. OpenShift Express from the start support writing to file system.

In this blog I will create a simple Spring MVC MongoDB application which store movie documents. I will be using Spring Roo to quickly scaffold the application. Spring Roo does not provide file upload functionality so I will modify the default application to add that support. Then I will deploy the application to OpenShift Express.

Creating a OpenShift Express JBoss AS7 application

The first step is to create the JBoss AS7 applictaion in OpenShift Express. To do that type the command as shown below. I am…

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