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Putting GlassFish v3 in Production: Essential Surviving Guide

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On December 10, GlassFish v3 GA will spread the world. As you are aware, the marketing vehicle for this release will be Java EE 6 and the fact that GlassFish is now a full OSGi runtime/container!!! Both are innovative technology, but they will not save your life once you put GlassFish in production hence this survival guide :-). At the end, once your OSGi/EE 6 application is ready, you still want to have the same great performance you’ve got with GlassFish v2. This blog will gives some hints about how to configure and prepare GlassFish v3 for production use.


New Architecture

With v3, the Grizzly Web Framework role has significantly increased if you compare with v2. In v2, its role was to serve HTTP requests in front of the Tomcat based WebContainer. In v3, Grizzly is used as an extensible micro-kernel which handle almost all real time operations including dispatching…

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The ultimate SQL-DSL: jOOQ in Scala

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Mozilla Launches ScienceLab To Help Researchers Use The Open Web To Shape Science’s Future

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Eclipse Juno JEE Setup

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Configuring JEE7 with GlassFish (4.0-b87) on Eclipse

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JEE7 release is just around the corner. Due to JRE security reason, my understanding is the release was postponed until next year. Short summary about Java EE 7 (JSR-342) can be found here and overview can be found here with very cool slide. My interest in WebSocket technology was high since last year. I’ve struggled to create my first WebSocket demo last year – there were many earlier implementation postings, but I had hard time finding newer GlassFish implementation. I learned that WebSocket 1.0 as a part of JEE7 supports method annotations around WebSocket lifecycle methods along with straight method implementations. If you want to know the detail, check this out.

In this posting, I’d like to explain how to set up GlassFish (latest build 4.0-b87) within Eclipse and explain some of troubles that I had. I didn’t want to install OEPE bundle. OEPE gives the whole package and…

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How to develop Pong for Android

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Mikey Hogarth

Note: This guide was written a little while back, and it looks like there have been some changes since (specifically it looks like a setting in eclipse) see comments for details if you have any problems

So it turns out I’m going to be having an article published in this months’ print issue of the video-game industry magazine “Develop”. Quite how that happened I have no idea, but I’m totally thrilled about it and so wanted to do something game-related in case any of that magazine’s readers decide to check out the blog afterwards. (EDIT: Unfortunately the article never materialized, I had to find this out by buying the magazine and then realizing that I wasn’t in it. haven’t heard a peep out of them either. nice!)

I do, however, need to make one thing really, really clear first of all…


I don’t purport…

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