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Posting Data to GemFire Using Spring XD

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SpringXD is a new project which simplifies the development of Big Data Applications. SpringXD’s ability to stream data between two different modules. In this example we will use an HTTP module as a data source and a GemFire module as a data sink.

One Component of Big Data Applications is Pivotal’s GemFire. SpringXD has some built in connections to GemFire which allow you to get up and running quickly.

Before reading this guide I would recommend that you have a working SpringXD install. The best place to get going with SpringXD is the getting started guide over at spring.io

The data we will be posting is a Customer. The JSON that represents this customer looks like this.


Start the Gemfire Server

SpringXD comes with a scaled down GemFire server, if you are on a Mac and installed SpringXD via BREW the command to start gemfire server will…

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