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Old school coding tricks

Dan Dreams of Coding

In a recent post I talked about some gotcha-type questions / Java quirks, but there’s a more fundamental gap that I see all the time – primarily in coders who have never been forced to program in C/C++ at some point. There are some basic pieces of knowledge, some tricks of the trade that everyone should Just Know™. So, instead of bellyaching about how the world’s going to hell and kids these days and what’re you going to do?, I provide the following list of what I consider “essential knowledge that you probably never learned, didn’t care about, or just forgot”.

  • Powers of two

Yes, seriously. These are special numbers, and you should know them by heart. Specifically, you should know the powers of 2 up to 216, as well as 231 and 232 (approximately). Yes, you should memorize them. You’d be surprised how often you run into…

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