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Managing Multi-Cloud Micro-Services with CloudFoundry APIs

CloudFoundry Innovations

This blog is the first in a series of postings that will provide a deep dive into the design of a Multi-Cloud architecture supporting the management of Micro-Services running on multiple cloud environments. We built a distributed application that uses CloudFoundry APIs to manage different cloud environments running CloudFoundry as a PaaS hosting multiple applications and micro-services. The video below demonstrates the capabilities of a Multi-Cloud controller application that uses this architecture. Subsequent discussions will explain in detail how the different features demonstrated work and how software developers can use the same CloudFoundry APIs to accomplish similar tasks.

CloudFoundry is an open source Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides a polyglot environment for running cloud agnostic distributed systems. As depicted below, applications run as micro-services within kernel containers on top of the CloudFoundry PaaS. The applications consume resources from the underlying Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS, i.e. AWS, OpenStack, VMWare, etc.) thru the provisioning capabilities of CloudFoundry. That is, CloudFoundry calls IaaS services to…

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